Curl Envy


My Hair Today: Curly Bun

Sunday Nails

Decided to try Cover girl Nail Slicks in Midnight Forest.  What do you think?

Midnight Forest

Daughter's Hair: June 2012 Length Check

Nighttime Routine: Pineapple

I preserve and protect my curls while sleeping. I do this by using "The Pineapple method". This includes lazy mid-day nap times too!  This method works for me.  I just wake up and fluff my hair to my liking :)

CG Update: May 2012

I have been on the CG method since January 2012.  And so far I to say that I love this method. It works great for my hair and lifestyle.  My hair is softer and my curls are always defined.  I love this shine I get with along with all the moisture.

High Puff

High Puff

Wash & Go

Wash & Go


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