Happy Memorial Day

Arm Pit Length... Almost :)

My Hair Today: Wash & Go Puff

After styling my hair in pony tails and buns for almost a month I wanted to let my curls out.

My Hair Texture

Wet hair with no products

Wet hair with leave-in conditioner

I have looser and bigger coils more towards the front of my head.  The rest of my head is tighter more S-shaped coils.

Hard Water


My hair has been feeling rough and dry lately.  Even though I follow the same regiman of moisturizing every day and deep conditioning every week.  It doesn't seem to matter what products I use or that I use a clarifing shampoo weekly. 

After researching on the net, I believe it's because of hard water.  This is only because I moved to a new place earlier this year, and after a couple of months of using the water I noticed I significant change in my hair. 

Here are some effects of hard water on the hair:
  • Hair feels dry
  • Hair is resistant to color or perming
  • Dandruff or eczema of the scalp
  • Dry, flaky skin
  • Thinning hair
  • Colors fading too quickly
  • Perms appearing to fall out
  • Discoloration or darkening of hair
  • Hair lacks body and shine

To combat my hard water problem I have purchase a shower filtration system from Dupont.

DuPont™ In-Line Shower Filtration System – SS1050CH Series

  • Includes chrome shower head with filter cartridge that lasts up 6 months
  • Reduces odor, arsenic, chlorine and scale
  • Comes with a 60-day limited warranty

For more information on hard water please visit malibuc.com

Hair Books

I'm always looking for information on growing healthy hair.  I spend hours watching natural hair videos on Youtube and viewing natural hair styles on Fotki.  I also spend time on the internet researching about hair product ingredients, natural oil, etc...

I purchased Grow It by Chicoro and I also visit her blog.  I also purchased Curly Like Me by Teri LaFlesh and I visit her blog also.

These two books have helped me greatly in my hair journey.  Chicoro's book has taught me how important it is to protect and nurture the ends of our hair. 
Teri has shown me that I do not need to chop off my hair in order to maintain healthy ends. 

These two books are similar and different at the same time.  Basically they are both about preserving and caring for the hair.  And they have helped me greatly.


Found these pictures on Veer.com and I just could not resist :)

For more images visit www.veer.com

Sweet Almond Oil

Last week I ran out of coconut oil.  Instead of buying more I decided to try a new type of oil for sealing.  So, I went to Walmart and picked up a bottle of sweet almond oil.  I read somewhere that sweet almond oil made the hair soft and had good lubricating and conditioning properties.

The very first thing I did was smell the oil.  I loved the smell right away.  It was a very sweet, sugary type smell.  I use oils such as olive oil and castor oil in my deep conditioners, but I would never use these oils to seal moisture because I do not like the way they smell. 

Here is some information I found about the benefits of sweet almond oil on the hair from Buzzle.com.

There are many sweet almond oil benefits for hair. Many hair care products also almond oil in them, to nourish and care for hair. Almond oil greatly helps to nourish hair and smooth hair cuticles. It also makes hair strong, long and thick. You can use almond oil for massaging scalp, to increase blood circulation. And by applying it to hair, you can add shine to dull hair. As almond oil makes an excellent carrier oil, you can mix it with neem oil or tea tree oil and use it to massage the scalp, whenever suffering from dandruff. If you wish to control hair fall, then by regularly applying almond oil to your hair, you can greatly reduce hair fall.

My Daughter's Protective Style

Completed Cornrowed Pony

Moisturized and sealed ends with baggy

Phony Pony covering baggy to protect the ends of her hair

What I've Been Up To....

I've been preparing for the Body Attack Training coming next week. =D

  • Burn loads of calories
  • Tone and shape your body
  • Raise your overall fitness and stamina for high energy sports
  • Improve your coordination and agility
  • Develop strength through core conditioning work
  • Enhance your bone health and density
  • Increase your heart and lung capacity through a full-body cardio workout

Shoulder Length..... Maybe?

My Hair Today: Phony Bun

I haven't done much with my hair lately.  I've been looking for a protective style that will work for me and I think I've found it in this phony bun.  Since I exercise everyday protective styles such as twists and braids don't work for me.  I spend hours twisting or braiding my hair only to have it look fuzzy and just plain messy after a workout.  A wash & go would not work either as I really do not like to deal with the tangles.  So, I've just been pulling my hair back in a low pony, twisting the loose hair, bagging the ends for protection and placing the phony bun on top.   

Curl Envy



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