Sweet Almond Oil

Last week I ran out of coconut oil.  Instead of buying more I decided to try a new type of oil for sealing.  So, I went to Walmart and picked up a bottle of sweet almond oil.  I read somewhere that sweet almond oil made the hair soft and had good lubricating and conditioning properties.

The very first thing I did was smell the oil.  I loved the smell right away.  It was a very sweet, sugary type smell.  I use oils such as olive oil and castor oil in my deep conditioners, but I would never use these oils to seal moisture because I do not like the way they smell. 

Here is some information I found about the benefits of sweet almond oil on the hair from Buzzle.com.

There are many sweet almond oil benefits for hair. Many hair care products also almond oil in them, to nourish and care for hair. Almond oil greatly helps to nourish hair and smooth hair cuticles. It also makes hair strong, long and thick. You can use almond oil for massaging scalp, to increase blood circulation. And by applying it to hair, you can add shine to dull hair. As almond oil makes an excellent carrier oil, you can mix it with neem oil or tea tree oil and use it to massage the scalp, whenever suffering from dandruff. If you wish to control hair fall, then by regularly applying almond oil to your hair, you can greatly reduce hair fall.


  1. In which section did you find this oil? Was it with the cooking department or health department?

    Kay @LoveNWright

  2. Found it in the section where they keep hair conditioners and hair gels. I'm always walking through that aisle and they never had it there before. That was the first time I had ever seen it there.



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